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Ways to find cash buyers

You are probably aware by now much time is spent into looking for cash buyers and even trying to narrow down to the ones that fits your criteria will bring you to many sleepness nights. Not only will you get blood shot eyes spending too much time on the computer, but you probably don’t even have other time to actually look for idea investments unless you hire a group of people to help you with it.

Many of us probably have use some of the techniques that’s listed below. But I guess it won’t hurt just to compile it on a single list in case someone wants to bookmark this page for future reference. We hope this would be especially handy for starter investors.

  • County Records – This will require a lot of digging on your part. Some county releases information for free, some requires a subscription fee. Some are easier to use than others, while some are very difficult to use. Usually all you need is punch in the street number and address, and you should be able to pull up the information on the lien holder. After that, you can start googling and see if you can find any contact information on the web.
  • Craigslist – Just post an ad on craigslist for a property you’re selling and put in the headline cash buyers only. This will get cash buyers calling if your priced your deal property. Most cash buyers knows they can bargain on the price because they can close the deals fast, so make sure you position your deal in which cash buyers are going to be interested in.
  • Social Media – Use your favorite social media as a means for find your cash buyers. From our experience, having you own groups/communities targeting specific area is the best way to meet them. Once you have these cash buyers joining, you can then simply contact them back and find out their needs and target each individual differently. Knowing your cash buyers will eventually be beneficials for both parties since you know what their needs are and the audience you need to target for each particular investment properites you own.
  • Referrals – This is probably the most accurate and most reliable way to find your cash buyers. Some cash buyers that are in close relationship with us will refer us to other cash buyers in other states that are their friends. Especially if the property is not in their demographics, and they will do you a favor so if you have good deals in the near future, they know you will send it to them as a priority.
  • www.CashBuyerListings.com – If you are really spending way too much time and rather spend some money to look for some tools to use that will speed up the process. Using our cash buyer listing tool will find cash buyers for you instantly. You can find your cash buyers to the nearest proximity of your property using our advanced mapping tool. The tool doesn’t come cheap, but it will definitely save your time and headaches.

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